Do Mammograms Hurt?

Mammograms detect abnormal tissues that could be cancerous. Having a mammogram is important if you are a woman who wants to protect herself against breast cancer.  Experts recommend that women have their first mammogram by age 45 and then annually after age 50. Of course, if the mammogram reveals any abnormalities, the doctor can investigate and may need more care.

Do Mammograms Hurt?

New medical procedures are sometimes scary. One question most people have before a mammogram concerns the level of pain they’ll experience. It is understandable that women are concerned over the level of pain they may experience during a mammogram, of course.

Every Woman is Unique

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Every woman tolerates pain differently, however, most people do not complain about any pain during mammograms in Sparta. If your breasts are sensitive or if you are sensitive to pain, however, you may feel slight discomfort when the procedure is performed.

Factors That Impact Level of Pain During a Mammogram

Other factors can also impact the amount of pain you experience during a mammogram. This includes:

·    How close the mammogram is scheduled near your menstrual cycle. Many women say they feel more discomfort if it is time for their menstrual cycle to start.

·    Size of your breasts

·    Shape of breasts

·    Positioning during the mammogram

Certain medications also impact the pain that a woman may experience during a mammogram. Blood thinners can even cause bruising after the procedure.

Talk to your Healthcare Provider

Talk to your healthcare provider if you are concerned about the level of pain you will feel during a mammogram. You should also reach out to a professional if you experience intolerable pain during a mammogram. You can also take over-the-counter pain relievers before and after the mammogram to reduce any pain or discomfort.